Why women refuse sex?

The woman can refuse sex for several days without the reasons seen on that. It is normal and is not sign of difficulties in a relationship or problems with health. The level of sexual desire of the woman is strongly influenced by the level of hormones which changes several times a month. But, if desire is absent for a long time, it is worth thinking of the health.

sex denied

1. Diseases of an urogenital system. Women often have various diseases of a reproductive and urinary system. The long absence of sexual desire can be sign of the inflammation of appendages, a cyst.

2. Pregnancy and childbirth. Change of a hormonal background, during pregnancy and within several months after the delivery, can strongly lower a female libido. Besides, the first months, and even years, the child haunts mother neither at night nor in the afternoon. She cannot have enough forces on sex. When the hormonal background is restored, and the child will begin to sleep at night, sexual desire will return.

3. Surgical intervention. The recovery period after operation can take several months. At this time the woman should not have sex on medical indications. Besides, surgical intervention (especially abortion) can have negative impact on an emotional condition of the woman. And as is well-known, sexual desire depends on mood of the lady.

4. Drug abuse. Many medicines possess side effects, for example, decrease in sexual desire. Most of all the libido are influenced by antidepressants, soothing and tranquilizers. If medicines are appointed by the doctor, it is impossible to stop reception. It is worth addressing the sexologist it will help to restore a libido without stopping treatment.

5. Fatigue. The intense operating schedule, care of children and household chores can exhaust the woman completely. And if it lives in such rhythm constantly about what desire it can there be a speech. Everything that the tired person wants – to get enough sleep and have a rest. Can do it it is banal, but for maintenance of normal sex life, the person needs regular rest and a full-fledged dream.

6. Monotony. Sex according to the schedule, in the same pose, does not promote a libido raising. That desire was not gone years of matrimonial life later, it is necessary to add to a spontaneity relationship. To change the place, for example, to have sex in kitchen or to have the hotel accommodation. You both can watch some nude cams action to get the spike going again in your relationship. Sometimes it’s useful to watch other people having sex in real time to get the spark up again. Even the new bed linen can render positive effect. Also, you should not be afraid of experiments, changes of poses and use of additional accessories.

mono sex

7. Diffidence. If the woman is dissatisfied with the weight or appearance, it will be complex to her to relax and be given to desire. If complexes prevent to have sex, it is necessary will get rid of them: to go to the gym, to go on a diet, to visit the cosmetologist, the massage therapist and other experts. As soon as the self-assessment raises, also the libido will increase.

8. Lack of pleasure. Women are very changeable in the desires. What made horny and brought pleasure for many years can begin to irritate. The body and sexual requirements change during life. Do not cost it will hesitate, it is best to talk to the partner frankly. From where to undertake to desire if sex does not bring pleasure.


Reasons for decrease in a female libido weight. The main thing to keep calm and to find the reason. Then it will be possible to keep health and marriage.

How to turn the girl on – several useful and practical tips:

• To change scenery that it liberated both partners.

• To introduce new events in your life (a campaign in section of kayakers, parachute jump, a trip a self-locking device somewhere nearby, and it is possible and it is far). Only not to demand instantly after this event of passionate sex. Waiting, patience and fapping will become yours to friends at this stage of rehabilitation of female passion.

• It is possible to use aphrodisiacs, sexual kitchen and herbs for awakening of female sensuality – for example, root of a licorice is drunk as love tea several hours prior sex.

• Perfectly the slowness, studying erogenous zones and straight talks helps. Ask on the childhood, school days that was remembered what dreams were, plans and in such spirit as though you are a psychotherapist and you have a session with the client, the sincere your curiosity, the woman will open more willingly.

• It is possible to try to replace darling in economy – to try to prepare, to remove, caress, erase. Change of roles in life sometimes very much amuses, forces to switch the woman from something that gnaws, especially if it is made with humor, playfully.

• To address the psychologist.

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